What an interesting year to reflect on. Putting the SMALL stuff aside for a moment ::insert sarcasm here:: (death, sickness, racism, corruption, environmental disasters) ... 2020 has been challenging year for humanity in terms of person to person relations. Unknowing of their futures, stress took over and people became less patient with each other, depressed, scared, they lost their confidence in themselves, others, their leaders and the future in general. People lost faith in people. When someone sneezes, "bless you" used to be the echoing call, now we dive for cover. When a tragedy occurred we would come together, now we have come apart. When someone was in need we would run to their aid, now we cower in selfishness.

I don't blame people for their feelings, it's a scary time, but wouldn't we have more success together? Businesses have been decimated, jobs have been lost and in turn, lives destroyed. People have contracted a deadly virus and lost loved ones, friends, family. Our health care field is exhausted and without the support they need. Wouldn't it be better to encourage, instead of discourage?

Racism is worse than I have ever experienced in my 40 years and seems to be taking steps back instead of steps forward. Politicians seem more interested in politics than leadership. Lifetime friendships are being broken by issues which would have normally taken a chat over coffee to fix. Wouldn't it help to strengthen friendships instead of end them?

We are being challenged this year as people as much as we ever have in my lifetime. No matter your current circumstance, you do have a choice as a person to be kind and supportive. To say something positive to the person next to you, to mend a friendship you may have lost this year or to simply do something nice for someone else. It costs nothing but it's value is immeasurable. We need to recognize the power of kindness now more than ever. There is enough going on in the world today without us adding our darkest thoughts to the mix. We MUST recognize the importance of positivity towards one another and take on these issues together.

-Adam Moore, Founder and CEO, MooreMuscle

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