Do people really think the way to get in shape is counting macros or finding their target heart rate??? People really believe that is their path to success???? REALLY???

Listen up you pie eating shitbird, the reason you can’t get in shape and that your “program doesn’t work” is because of YOUR actions, YOUR decisions and YOUR behavior. Personal accountability. Succeed or fail, either way, it’s your fault.

Eat clean, drink water, workout. 3 steps.

Don’t spend time dick slapping a kettle bell while simultaneously making a cup of green tea all while doing hot yoga. Fucking eat right, drink a gallon of water and workout. Every fucking day.

“Ohhhhh I need a day off” ::Said in the most annoying fucking voice on earth:: You don’t need a day off! That’s what the other 23 hours of the day are for! Besides, chances are you don’t workout hard enough to NEED a day off!

“I’m tired, I don’t feel well, my big toe hurts”. Then stay fat and weak! But shut the fuck up about it. Your laziness is YOUR choice. Nobody cares about your embarrassing excuses and absolutely no one wants to hear them.

Make the decision to take responsibility for your own life right now, today. Stop getting in your own way by making excuses. Reach your goals! Be a better person! Enjoy the failures! Learn from them! Do fucking better and stop wasting each day of your life waiting until “Monday”.

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