As we all know, our improvements in fitness do not come from training, they come from recovery. I wonder then why all the focus is always on training? Granted, we need to continue to change and improve our training so our fitness goals follow suit but none of that means anything without proper recovery.

Becoming a "Recovery Expert" is something I teach all of my lifters as early as when I teach them the basics of a barbell. Why do all the work in the gym if you do not know and understand how to recover? While everyone recovers differently and at different rates depending on age, experience, underlying injuries, etc. there are 4 basic absolutes for recovery.

  1. Food and water. Your nutrition has to be the main focus of your fitness routine no matter if you're a professional Crossfitter, a Powerlifter or coming off the couch as a beginner. It all starts and finishes with nutrition. Nutrition can also be the most confusing part of fitness so try and keep it basic and simple. Don't get caught up in too much hype of new nutritional concepts. Focus on clean protein, veggies, some slow digesting carbohydrates or healthy fats and lots of water. We won't get into specific amounts here because that is a pages long blog post for another time. It basically comes down to this; eat the right foods. You already know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to food.
  2. Sleep. Sleep is the most underrated form of recovery there is in my opinion but it is no doubt one of the most important. When we sleep, we repair. Our growth hormone levels increase, our body repairs itself and just like magic, we are ready to go again. Recharge the batteries, give your Central Nervous System a rest and take it seriously. If you are serious about your fitness goals then you need to be serious about your sleep.
  3. Supplements. Though we are becoming more and more well known for our incredible MooreMuscle Barbell Club lifters, we are first and foremost a supplement company. We have been a supplement company for 21 years because supplements, work. Well, they work if you are buying them from a reputable company like ours. We create multiple recovery supplements meant to help you recover and repair as quickly and efficiently as possible. MooreJoint, MoorePain, MooreRecovery and MooreProtein are all designed with recovery in mind.
  4. Cardio. The dreaded cardio word. Cardiovascular work is obviously meant to workout your heart but it can have amazing recovery benefits as well. Active Recovery in the form of cardio, even a slow walk on the treadmill, helps improve blood flow, get rid of lactic acid and circulate vital nutrients to speed recovery. Cardio can help you recover from minor injuries and absolutely help you recover from muscular soreness. Do not underestimate the power of the dark side. Cardio can benefit your training immensely. Give yourself a slow walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes a day and watch how much quicker you recover.

Recovery is a vital part of your training. If you don't recovery efficiently, you will never reach your fitness potential no matter what your goals are. Stay safe everyone! You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are.

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