Shortsighted Fitness

Shortsighted Fitness

Coaches, athletes, trainers and clients really get hung up on one style or one mindset of training. It's amazing to me that more people, especially those who consider themselves a "coach" don't learn anything from history.

The greatest athletes have always trained with a hybrid training method. More than just their focus sport. Eddie Hall, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, etc, etc. The most successful athletes, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, etc all train using many different methods. All the athletes that come in second place do not.

If you want to be a bodybuilder, you can't just train bodybuilding. The body responds to different stimuli, stretching, different forms of cardio to increase circulation, deep tissue massage, bodyweight exercises, exercises to increase connective tissue strength to make you stronger equaling thicker muscle tissue, olympic lifts for balance and core strength. I could go on and on. You want an example? Follow our Melvin Alston's Instagram account, he is a complete bodybuilding athlete.

If you want to be a strongman competitor, you have A LOT to consider with your training. None of those considerations mean that you have to become obese. It is no secret that the more you weigh the more you can lift BUT, that is only to a certain point. Strongman training requires endurance, incredible endurance. Strong connective tissue, extreme core strength, hours and hours of training per week and most of all a diet consisting of healthy fats, heavier proteins, slow digesting carbs (except post workout) and tons of vegetables. If you are learning strongman training are you taking Yoga? Why not? Lack of mobility in strongman with get you injured quickly. Mariusz Pudzianowski won more World's Strongest Man titles than anyone in history with 5 wins and 2 runner up spots and he was the most complete athlete to ever do the sport. He was strong, fast and agile. That is no coincidence. Don't believe me? Ask our Chad Robison. He is a Professionally ranked Strongman.

I could go on and on with every sport citing examples and athletes but the main point is to think outside the box with your training. Two dimensional training will get you to reach plateaus you will never break through.

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