True to Yourself

True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is one of the most difficult things in life to do. That sounds weird doesn't it? What could be easier than being yourself? Being "yourself" is nearly impossible in today's world. For instance, if I wrote the word "fuck" right here, someone reading this is going to get offended. So let me ask you, what fuck made the word "fuck" a bad word? Someone, somewhere at some point said you can't say the word "fuck" because it's offensive. Well "fuck" is actually a very diverse word. It can be used as almost every single type of word. So in my opinion, its very useful.

My point is, we follow what society says we should do. Now I'm not talking about values, morals, etc because that is just the difference in being an dick or not being a dick. (So side note, don't be a dick) But society guides the way we speak, the way we act and what do we in our social life. All of that adds up to we, as individuals, not having the ability to be ourselves.

Being true to yourself means putting aside what society says you should do or not do and simply doing what is best for you. Fitness is one of those things. Have you ever started a fitness program, increased your water, started two-a-day cardio sessions, weight training an hour a day and your family absolutely doesn't understand why you're doing this and tries to convince you that it's "not healthy". So let me get this straight Uncle Joe, you have told me to lose weight for years, I am finally doing what I am supposed to do and now that isn't right either? Fuck off Uncle Joe.

Your resolutions for the New Year are exactly that, yours. Don't let anyone step in the way or get jealous of your goals and the progress you're making. Be true to yourself.

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