Start Reading!

Start Reading!

If you are an athlete or a coach, especially a coach, you need to start reading. Read training books, read blog posts, read coaching articles, read, read, read. Despite what you may think, you don't know everything. Not even close. 

The sport of strength is like the unexplored ocean floor, there is so much to learn  and so little is yet known. There are theories on top of theories regarding how to get stronger and progress but most are based around similar principles. The problem is, those principles are flawed. They were flawed when they were first developed and then no one took the time to read and learn to understand their flaws. Then the flawed principles were understood as law and the downward spiral began. Therefore I say again, read. 

Some things you read may be garbage, some things may be incredibly insightful but in either of those cases, there is something you can learn from reading it. Even understanding the wrong way to do things can help you find the path to the right way. 

In todays world of instant gratification, most people turn to Instagram to simply watch what other athletes do and attempt to immulate it. The problem with this strategy is that you don't see the whole picture. You see glimpses of what the athlete is doing in their training session, not the entire thing. Learning from social media will provide skewed data. Therefore I say again, read.

Understand how the body works, learn where strength comes from in the first place. You think that your main source of force output comes from skeletal muscle? Hmm. Think again. Go read. The more you understand how the body works and what it reacts to, the more you can understand what path needs to be taken to excel. Become a student of your sport, take notes, keep a detailed training log and oh yea, don't forget to read. 

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