Success vs. Winning

Success vs. Winning

Author: Adam Moore

What is success? What defines the word? Is it a series of events? Or is it simply a feeling? Should success be judged by the outside world or is success personal?

Winning? Having an extremely competitive personality, I have spent my life creating competitions in my head. From baseball to powerlifting to just cleaning the house! (Gotta make it fun!) Is it winning that defines success?

Winning simply means you did better than another on a given day. Tomorrow could be different. The argument could be made that proper preparation would allow you to win again tomorrow but if you've ever been involved in a competition you know, tomorrow could be totally different. So if you lose tomorrow are you not successful?

Being "successful" is a driving force in most peoples lives. To me, success is defined by effort, accomplishing goals or learning from failure in the pursuit of a goal. What if I do all of those things and don't "win"? Winning is great, everyone loves winning, but winning and being successful are vastly different. 

Unless you are a professional athlete who is paid to "win", then what does it REALLY matter if you lose? Losing doesn't define your work ethic, discipline or determination. It simply means that someone bested you on that particular day. So I say again, what does it matter? Another important question to ask about winning is; what do you learn from winning? It is said that life's greatest lessons are obtained through losing. You learn little from winning all the time. 

Success is exemplified by the work you put in, day in and day out. The study which goes into the goal, the physical work, the emotional training and the incredible amount of hours required to gain a mastery over your target. 

In closing, I implore you to look inward when you judge your level of success. The outside world knows little of your dedication and struggles. Be kind, strive to do better, stick to your word and never, ever give up. You are stronger than you think you are. 

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