The Price of Fitness

The Price of Fitness

Fitness isn't as simple as one + one. The physical part of fitness is one + one. Nutrition + Exercise = Goals. But it's not that simple. If you have chased fitness goals on any level, you understand that there is much more to it than that. 50% of reaching your fitness goals is the way you approach it mentally.

Fitness will never simply give to you without a fight. You can't expect to take from fitness and not give something back. If you have a real fitness goal then you need to be willing to give something to earn it. What are you willing to give? Is it your free time? Is it your social time? Is it your eating out? Is it fighting through aches and pains? There are a million reasons "why" a person fails at achieving their fitness goals, but in the end, it simply comes down to the fact that they weren't willing to pay the price of their goals.

Do you think anyone ever lost 100lbs by not sacrificing to get there? Do you think anyone ever broke a world record for lifting without going through a list of injuries? Do you think the fitness models you follow on Instagram go out on the weekends to eat bar food and drink beer? You want to look a certain way or reach a certain strength goal, but you have to be willing to pay the price of fitness to get there.

They say that nothing is free in this world. Well while I disagree with that, I do not in any way think fitness is free. If you are dead set on reaching your fitness goal, you will pay the price somewhere along the way. The price you pay is your test. Are you strong enough MENTALLY to get through it. Are you mentally tough enough to sacrifice what you need to, change your priorities and get through injuries?

After a lifetime in fitness, I have learned that it is a fierce competitor that will not give up a single inch to you unless you've earned it. Going into the path of fitness on any level requires you to make the choice at some point; are you mentally tough enough to pay its price?

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