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Moore Muscle



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The Phoenix: A Symbol of Immortality

It is said that the Phoenix bird lived thousands of years ago and had incredible, miraculous healing powers. A Phoenix could live for 500 years and when it finally died, it would explode into flame and be born again from the ashes. Legend says the tears of a Phoenix can heal severe poisoning, illnesses, and even mortal injuries.

For thousands of years the secret of the Phoenix has been lost, until now.

Through science and research, nutritionist Adam J Moore has discovered the secret to healing and recovery, the secret thought lost with the Phoenix. When a person endures difficult training, muscle tissue sustains small damage and tears that require repair and strong recovery. The only way the human body adapts is through proper recovery. MooreRecovery is a product that combines the latest in science and research to bring to the fitness enthusiast a perfect environment for recovery.

Recovery is the key to fitness and training and MooreRecovery is the secret to proper recuperation.

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